Cat Loves… Fashion

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(in Korea, 2014)

I love clothes.

Put me in a beautiful outfit and my entire demeanor will change. I’ll be lighter than a feather and happier than most sunbeams. A good outfit will give me the confidence to dominate a room.

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Cat Loves… 2018 (A Look Forward)

I am turning 30 this year so I plan to absolutely kill this year.

I am a world famous, happy, healthy, RICH, prolific, thought-provoking, confident and sexy-as-hell traveling artist! And soon, an awesome someone’s awesome wife.

Standing in a future fulfilled, by the end of 2018…

  1. I backpacked through Europe. (I’ve been saying this since I backpacked through Southeast Asia. I thought I’d have figured out how to get someone to pay me to do it by now, but I haven’t. So I’m going to figure out how to do that. Starting now.)
  2. I produced at least one play. TITUS ANDRONICUS.
  3. I finally (finally!) busked through Washington, DC and my Europe trip.
  4. I finished the Studio Theatre acting conservatory curriculum. (Greek Tragedy and Comedy left!)
  5. I am in the Directing class at Studio Theatre by the end of the year.
  6. I completed portions of my Youtube series: likely, Southeast Asia and East Asia. I end the year either having completed or completing China.
  7. I got professional photos taken of me.
  8. I did something about universal healthcare in the United States.
  9. I learned how to read and write Japanese.
  10. I learned some French and German for my Europe travels.
  11. I made way more money this year. I eliminated my credit card debt!
  12. I continued to grow my relationships with my family.
  13. I deepened my relationships with the people in my life and started new ones. I met artists and collaborated with them, I met political people and collaborated with them, on and on~
  14. More film projects! More paintings! More songs! More dancing!

Cat loves… New York City

 Times Square
(Times Square)

I have a thing with New York City.

I first thought of moving there when I was fresh out of college and job hunting. They always said in school that NYC and DC were the two places for international relations jobs in the United States, and I was curious about the city’s multicultural reputation. So I applied and was accepted to CityYear in NYC, figuring it was a good backup plan for anything else I could come up with. Eventually, I found a better paying job that kept me in Seattle and I never had to use my back up plan.
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Cat loves… Wig Out! (and the power of theatre)

Wig Out!

I have had the great fortune to see several plays that I absolutely loved this month for free: some through ushering, others just by asking. (I want to be clear that these plays are 100% worth the money and my goal is to have the resources to financially support theatre. But in the meantime, I’m grateful I have opportunities such as these to see the plays anyway.)

I love theatre. I love its immediacy and that while you can’t touch the actors on stage, there’s something about the energy in the space when you’re in the same room breathing the same air. I love that theatre, more so than film, has been more successful at diversifying the stories we get to see.

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Cat loves… my life, oh snap!

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Darlings of the Internet!

If you, at any point, were a “regular” reader of my blog, you may have noticed that my posts slowed to a trickle after moving to Washington, DC.

Well, Cat, you may have thought, amiably. You settled down in one place. You weren’t careening all over the face of the planet, having wild adventures. It’s ok, I forgive you for not updating your blog for awhile.

And I would say, NO, darling reader, NO. That’s not why I stopped writing. I stopped writing because my life after Asia back in the United States SUCKED for two effing years.

There I said it.

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