2013 (A Look Back)

In a Facebook post way back in February, I declared, “The Year of the Dragon was a Year of Transformation. Here’s to the Year of the Snake being the Year of Being Unreasonable.” Who knew when I wrote it that Being Unreasonable would actually give me access to Transformation? The Year of the Snake isn’t over yet, but the shakeups in the Year of the Dragon are mere blips to the seismic changes in the greater part of 2013.

There are people who can vouch for me and say that the Cat of late 2013 is different from the the Cat of early 2013, let alone 2012. But more than that, the world around me is different. The colors are brighter, the situations are funnier and more fun, and people have never been more real or more beautiful. Sometimes I take a step back like WHOA, this is my life now. It still scares me sometimes, like I’m afraid I’m not equal to it. But gosh darn it, it’s my life now, it’s mine and no one else’s and I love it to pieces. Continue reading