G.N.O. (Girls’ Night Out) the 3rd

I almost didn’t hold G.N.O. 3.


I love Girls’ Night Out: this amazing opportunity for all the women in my life to meet each other, forge new connections and make thick friendships. As much as I love the men in my life too, there’s nothing like drinking wine and eating dessert with the ladies while talking about dating, periods and makeup, or none of the above if we so chose. (Spoilers: there was quite a discussion about someone’s digestive system. It was awesome.)

The original intent with G.N.O.s was to have them every month or at least more often than June, August, then December. But for one reason or another that isn’t relevant anymore, that’s not what happened.

Still, the early G.N.O.s left enough of a good impression that my friend Alizeh prodded me to host another one in December. In the middle of the busiest, most happiest season ever? Sure, why not: we picked a date and a restaurant and out the invite went.

I love planning events but every event has its special little thorns that make you wish you’d never done it. I try to do my best to be accommodating of people’s schedules, tastes and budgets because I want to be as inclusive as possible. But in trying to take all of that on, I feel like I just frustrated myself more than anything. Alizeh and I went back and forth over the venue for ages. We took at least three into consideration, including The Gerald which had the perfect combination of affordability and varied dessert menu. Unfortunately, they were closed at the time we wanted.

We decided to run with our original plan and exhausted, we arrived at the place and time we had declared. From there, things gelled into their amazing G.N.O. goodness. Turnout was good, with a mix of first timers and people who’d been to the first G.N.O. We went to Bastille Cafe & Bar for happy hour then Hot Cakes for dessert. (Incidentally, I learned about both locations for the first time from dates.) We tried the seasonal molten chocolate cake (tiramisu theme!) and discussed everything from online dating to evangelical Christian colleges.

I remembered why creating these events were well worth it.

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