A Complete & Apostilled FBI Background Check

There is no document that gives me palpitations quite like the FBI background check.

They warn you when you start your EPIK application that the FBI background check takes the longest amount of time to complete of all the required documents. When I tried to join EPIK in August 2013, I applied for it in November 2012. Two fingerprint rejections later, I received the completed document in June 2013, well after I needed it. I didn’t make it to South Korea in August 2013.

When I decided to apply for the February 2014 round of EPIK, all my documents were settled except for That One: to my great anxiety, my recruiter requested I obtain a fresh FBI background check. Just in case I’d committed any new crimes in the 6 months since the last one, I suppose. This time, I was determined to punch the FBI background check in (the face). It was the top priority of my life– turnarounds on my end would be swifter than most sneezes. The FBI and the US State Department could take their sweet time, but no lateness would be caused by ME. Continue reading