2015 (A Look Forward)

Here are my intentions for 2015. Since my last experiment with intentions (set here and examined here), I’ve learned a bit more about how to create these and put more power behind them. Namely, by going bigger and being more specific. Some of the things in this list are already in motion!

1. I will travel to Japan and Southeast Asia, connecting with people and playing music along the way. I declared five countries for 2014, and for 2015 I am declaring ten: South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan with options for other countries.

2. Hurricane Cat will be making landfall in Washington DC and taking on Landmark’s Team, Management and Leadership Program.

3. I will have a job in DC that I am passionate about and lets me bring people together and connect them. It pays me well and allows me to travel.

4. I will visit New York City and see a musical on Broadway. In fact, some of my work will be in New York City.

5. I will have an abundance of money, maximize my IRA, and pay off my debt.

6. I will be in an extraordinary relationship with my extraordinary life partner by the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “2015 (A Look Forward)

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