The Episode of the Disco Pang Pang

 photo discopangpang_zpsb2a979a0.jpg

(Photo credit: Vanessa)

To be clear, I did not actually enjoy my experience on the Disco Pang Pang (디스코 팡팡). But I do appreciate having had it.

I first discovered the Disco Pang Pang in K Will’s Love Blossom video, in which a charming L (from the boy band Infinite) gets revenge on the higher ups at his company by stranding them on one:

For those reluctant to watch the video, a Disco Pang Pang is essentially an amusement park ride like a merry-go-round except there are no straps to keep you from falling out. You need to hold on to the sides for dear life while the operator spins you in circles and tries to bounce you out of the dish.

This past weekend, my language exchange group went bowling. After three games and a couple of beers, they wanted to keep partying and I decided, for once, to listen to the universe and go with it.

Which is how we ended up at the Disco Pang Pang. At first I was quite excited and enjoyed the first five minutes. I love screaming at things in delight and as it would turn out, the Disco Pang Pang operator also enjoyed our screams. He seemed amused to find foreigners sitting in the dish. He would pause the ride and put a spotlight on one of us and ask basic questions in English about where we were from and how old we were. And then he would run the ride like the sadist he was.

I rather think five minutes is a reasonable time for an amusement park ride. Even ten minutes perhaps, but that seems like pushing it. My friends in the peanut gallery told us after we were done that we were there for almost twenty. The operator spun us around and around and jostled the dish. There was a guy in the dish with us who probably worked with the operator; he was very comfortable with moving in time with the dish. He would run in circles in the center while the rest of us clung to the sides. Every now and then, he would take huge leaps or would pretend to kick us in the head.

After we finally got off the ride, we went to a private drinking room where I told everyone I was going to kill the operator. But I calmed down enough not to bother. We kept the party going. We made our way to a noraebang and sang for two straight hours. I sang myself hoarse and really enjoyed myself.

I finally crawled into bed at four in the morning.

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