Travel Notes

 photo 4dbb4cb9-4303-48bf-ab01-745b0cad2b59_zpsx8gpq6iq.jpg(Shoes on the train floor)

The stories are coming, fret not.

But first I wanted to reflect on the first ten days of traveling. No doubt by the time this adventure is over, I will be a different person altogether, with entirely different thoughts and God knows what else. I have acquired a motorcycle helmet, God knows anything can happen now.

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The Journey to Cambodia

 photo cc952f41-3709-4c66-afbe-e3dc6bc3940d_zps8z5epype.jpg

(The Cambodian side of the border with Vietnam)

I spent three days in Pleiku, Vietnam, resting and enjoying my time with the new friends I had made. I also, started to plan the next step on this massive trip: Cambodia and Angkor Wat. The jump to Vietnam had scared me. It took me three days to get out of Hanoi when the original plan was to stay just one or two days. This is partly because journeys like these are beasts onto themselves and do not particularly listen to plans. And that is partly because the person involved is terrified of many things.

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Ha Long Bay

 photo DSC02773_zpsulxjjyqm.jpg

Ha Long Bay is famous for its thousands of beautiful karsts and has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site accordingly. Because it’s a major tourist destination the most typical way to get there is to book a cruise: you can choose between 1 day cruise, 2 day-1 night cruise or a 3 day-2 night cruise. Not wanting to deal with the hassle of recreating the “roughing it” version of this, I booked at 2D1N cruise at $75. Solidly middle range. There are more expensive and cheaper options, so you can really choose something to fit your purse.

(I made plans with my go-to guy for tourism in Hanoi, Tung, so if you’re going to be in Hanoi any time soon, look for him at the Hanoi Youth Hostel! He deserves all the good stuff in the world.)

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The Southeast Asia Tour: A Preview

 photo packing_zpse9389wej.jpg

So I’m about to embark on my tour of Southeast Asia. O_O

My goal is to keep updating my blog as I go along, but in case the Internet is dodgy and doesn’t support as many updates as I would like, here’s a rough outline of what I will be doing. I’m trying to build in some flexibility depending on how much I like a country. I will be journaling and can post after as needed.

I also opened up a twitter account for shorter pieces! It’ll be less work than blogging, which requires photo editing and, you know, writing. It’s never as easy as writers make it look.

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Baking Bread, Take 1

 photo 20150316_182335_zpsplpbnom2.jpg

Since letting myself embrace my love for bread, I’ve been shamelessly strolling into bakeries, ogling the merchandise, adding bread blogs to my reading, and even watching youtube videos. Holy crap, I am scaring myself with this. Now I got my mom to actually show me how to bake some.

Did you know people made bread? No seriously, think about it. This miraculous, growing thing that can be savory or sweet, crumbly or soft, long or round or made to look like a crescent moon. People make it everyday, in this place called a kitchen many of us have.

And to think the same is true about skyscrapers, Facebook, and babies.

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The food I ate in Kansai

 photo shokupan_zps87wsfzlb.jpg

(Full disclosure: I did not eat this in Japan.)

I may be in trouble.

Some of my goals for the year, in occupation form: Blogger. Itinerant. Party planner. Rockstar. Mime.

Is it time to add, Baker? Boulangerie owner?

Because my trip to Japan, with its myriad gastronomic delights, is making a case for future adventures in bread.

Let me back up a bit.

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