The Southeast Asia Tour: A Preview

 photo packing_zpse9389wej.jpg

So I’m about to embark on my tour of Southeast Asia. O_O

My goal is to keep updating my blog as I go along, but in case the Internet is dodgy and doesn’t support as many updates as I would like, here’s a rough outline of what I will be doing. I’m trying to build in some flexibility depending on how much I like a country. I will be journaling and can post after as needed.

I also opened up a twitter account for shorter pieces! It’ll be less work than blogging, which requires photo editing and, you know, writing. It’s never as easy as writers make it look.

Southeast Asia Tour Intentions

  • Meet and connect with amazing people.
  • Try the local language in every country. Learn the basic, most important phrases.
  • Sing and play ukulele with people along the way.
  • Learn a song famous in each locale. (Chicken out version: Learn about a song famous to each locale.)

NOTE: In this case, 月 means “month,” 日 means “day.”

Vietnam (3月18日 – 3月24日): Landing in Hanoi. Kayaking in Ha Long Bay. Taking the train to Ho Chi Minh City with a stop in Quy Nhon to meet friends of friends.

Cambodia (3月24日 – 3月31日): Bussing from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. Siem Riep. Angkor Wat.

Lao PDR (3月31日 – 4月7日): Luang Prabang.

Thailand (4月7日 – 4月14日): I’ll be in the country for Songkran!

Myanmar (4月14日 – 4月21日): Yangon. Fly back to Bangkok and take the train to Malaysia.

Malaysia & Singapore (4月21日 – 4月28日): Meet old friends. Eat so much good food.

Indonesia (4月28日 – 5月5日): Fly to Bali. Do a yoga retreat in Ubud.

Then I will be flying back to the Philippines to celebrate my birthday with my family.

The Luggage

I’ve been spending the last week and a half in the Philippines, hanging out with the family and trying to figure out what to bring on a 1.5 month trip. My mom’s been a huge help, but she also seems way more stressed out about this than I am.

Clothes were such a hot button topic. I brought about 3-4 days worth of clothes for Kyoto and it was heavy. I thought about bringing a week’s worth of clothes, but a more experienced backpacker friend suggested that I bring just ONE change. I thought that was a bit extreme to the other end (ease the frog into the water, Miles), but he had a point about priotizing the lightness of the backpack and just washing things as you went along. Less is more. Another friend posted about some travelers who brought no clothes at all, just what they were wearing, so traveling in that fashion is well within the realm of possibility.

So clothes turned into a case of 3 OF EVERYTHING, which is frankly weird and off kilter. I expect shirt washing to be occurring most frequently out of all the clothes.

There are pens, a couple of notebooks, an emergency medical kit, and toiletries. My gadgets consist of my cellphone, its charger, my camera, its charger, and my Kindle.

I’ve also been buying up an impressive array of anti-theft bags. I got one bag to go around my neck, one bag to go around my waist and under my shirt, and a 5L Pacsafe Travelsafe. The last came as a recommendation by a more experienced woman traveler (who I do not know personally) and is a bit of an investment. In retrospect, it might be overkill for this trip and better suited for Ipad carriers… which I might eventually be one day, so we’ll see.

…I might still change my mind on that ukulele.

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