Dancing Queen, Day 3: West African

What in the what now?

It’s Day 3 of this dancing week and that means West African…

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Dancing Queen, Day 2: Modern

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Just as I predicted from my first day of dancing, I was unspeakably sore the next day.

Like that would stop me from dancing.

One of the things I like about Joy of Motion is the convenient locations. One of the locations, noted as Atlas in the class schedule, is a healthy walk from my house. I intend to take the rest of my classes there.

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Dancing Queen, Day 1: Afro-Cuban Jazz

I was having a pretty basic day at the office. Kicking back work assignments and surfing on the Internet, reading Internet fluff. Namely, articles about how there wasn’t enough exercise in the world to offset the health risks of our largely sedentary lifestyle.

Reader, I had a panic attack. I felt like I was going to die in that chair and I really, really didn’t want to die. I ran out of the office with this fleeting thought that I would take half the day off and just go dancing for the rest of the afternoon.

I did eventually crawl back and finish the work day, but the thought of dancing stayed with me. And I chose to listen to it, by putting myself into a dance class.

 photo 2cad59cb-c6a6-4b67-808d-76d2dfaaaadb_zps8fepnzuc.jpg

A friend of mine told me about Joy of Motion Dance Center (JOMDC) and to my great delight, they had a New Student Deal, offering a week’s worth of classes for $20. Since their single drop-in class rate is $19, this is a sweet deal indeed. I’m gonna be blogging my week of dancing with JOMDC. Continue reading