Cat Loves… 2016 (The Intentions)

It’s time to check what I said at the beginning of the year and whether I accomplished it or not.

1. I worked or am working on Capitol Hill. DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

The closest I got to working on Capitol Hill was… well, I live near there now.

And I did a temporary stint with a non-profit that was doing a Get Out the Vote campaign for Latinos that was mind-blowingly fantastic experience. I grew a lot as a person, had a ton of fun, and (with my rocking team) made a difference in the US election. (Even if we didn’t accomplish the election of the candidate we wanted. Sniff!)

I didn’t end up working on Capitol Hill, but I do have a permanent position at a theatre company in downtown DC– a job that I never imagined I would want, let alone could have. So I can’t help but feel remarkably accomplished in this area, even if it didn’t look the way I said it would look.

2. I live in Washington, DC in my own apartment. ACCOMPLISHED.

I live in Washington, DC in the biggest room in a townhouse. It’s not exactly an apartment, though it has the dimensions of it. And my roommates, for all the personality ups and downs, ROCK. I consider them a bonus, not a downside. I’m actually glad I don’t live like a hermit in my own apartment. I have my independence while still being able to have an excellent conversation when I get home if I want to. So I consider this ACCOMPLISHED.

3. I am a business owner. DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

I was working on a project at the beginning of the year that I really wanted to have happen. But halfway through the year, I killed the idea and moved on. I learned everything I needed to learn from this experience. My focus has since shifted. I haven’t shut the door on becoming a business owner, but I’m giving up that it has to look a certain way, and certainly not the way that I imagine it would be.

4. I have acted in at least one play (or more). DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

I didn’t act in a full blown play, which is what I was looking for when I set this intention. My acting skills improved markedly this year: I performed in scenes for class, scenes for a friend’s class, and in an improv show. In fact, if you’re in Washington, DC for Tuesday, January 24th, you can come see me do another scene as part of a class. But I didn’t audition and I wasn’t in a full play. I’m still really pleased with what I have actually accomplished in this area.

5. I have visited New Orleans with friends. DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

STILL haven’t made it to New Orleans, a dream trip for me. And I had some killer trips this year: I visited Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. Saw some amazing shows, ate amazing food, and created some amazing memories with friends and loved ones all along the way. So travel as an area of my life is going well, I just didn’t make it to New Orleans in particular. And I really, really want to. STILL want to.

So it turns out that I didn’t do everything exactly like I said I would. However, I still took ground in so many areas of my life. Nothing to sneeze at or regret here.

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