Cat Loves… 2017 (The Intentions)

How did I score on the intentions of this past year?

1. I have spoken with my Mom/family at least once per day. DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

And yet! What I discovered in trying to speak with my Mom every single day was that I had the time to do it. Having the time to do it was always the reason I didn’t call her. Even if it’s just five minutes to say, “hi, I love you, I thought of you today,” I could do it. And it reminded me of that comforting, familiar feeling when I was growing up, when I saw my mother, my brothers, my sister, and my dad everyday. Spending quality time with people, just being with people, is super important to me and putting in the effort to call my family once a day gave me access to that.

At some point, I got pissed off and stopped talking to her for awhile. LOL.

We patched things up and we’re ok. We’re continuing to build our relationship.

Now I want to tell you a bit about my relationship with my Dad. My Dad and I have never really been that close. In the heyday when I lived on the West Coast and my mother called me all the time, my dad seemed to just rely on her for updates on how I was doing. I used to be pretty whatever about this, oh my Dad’s just busy/doesn’t care/doesn’t listen anyway. And then I realized that was just crap I’d made up about my Dad. At some point, I actually asked my Dad if we could talk more regularly. And so now he tries! I think it helps that he got the Viber app on his phone. He’ll text me and be like, I’m going to call you at this time, is that ok? It’s awesome. I have a relationship with my Dad and I look forward to growing it, and growing my relationships with my family members in the upcoming year.

2. I have made a few short films (at least 1 or 2, but really want 3 or 4). DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

What I did make was a (still unfinished) first episode of a documentary television series about the international community in Washington, DC. I filmed, in some ways, the equivalent of three short films. I organized three filming days in three different locations.

And in the process, I learned a lot about making videos, editing and working with teams. I know how to edit videos now! XD I didn’t know any of this stuff at the beginning of the year and I’m so psyched because I’ll be doing so much more, so so much more, from here on out.

3. I have danced more. DID NOT ACCOMPLISH.

I spent most of the year without health insurance and unsure of how I was going to pay for that as well as dance classes. I treated myself to a (ballet) dance class for my birthday and still have plenty of plans to go! This is something I still want to do and really the only item that I feel somewhat bad about. Anyway, on to more!

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