Cat Loves… 2017 (A Look Back)

2016 sucked so bad I didn’t even write A Look Back post for it.

I am happy to report that 2017 was a ton better.

2017 highlights and lowlights:

  • I participated in the Women’s March in Washington, DC! That’s a memory to last a lifetime. My phone died and so I have no pictures to show for it, but it was great. I just remember standing outside the American Indian Museum, being unable to move or hear anything, there were so many people we were sardined together. Some people had to leave because it could get claustrophobic and hard to breathe. Good stuff.
  • I managed a Communication: Access to Power course and I did a pretty good job of it too. (I managed most of a Communication: Power to Create as well.)
  • Then less than a week later, broke up with my then boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.
  • And two days after that, got let go from the job I had.
  • I started accumulating credit card debt for the first time in my life.
  • I quit the Team, Management and Leadership Program.
  • I fell in love with Shakespeare and met my “theatre husband.” A year after playing Hamlet and Ophelia for our final scenes, we are now producing a short version of TITUS ANDRONICUS for the 2018 Fringe Festival.
  • I completed the Money seminar at Landmark. Now, I’m in the Sex and Intimacy seminar and the Introduction Leaders Program.
  • In June, I quit office jobs for good and now work at Trader Joe’s, while devoting the rest of my time to art.
  • I told my parents that I quit office jobs and got a job at Trader Joe’s.
  • I filmed the first episode of a documentary television series about the international community in Washington, DC. The first episode is about Japan! I met so many great people doing that and learned a lot!
  • I moved from Southeast Washington, DC to Northwest Washington, DC. I cut my rent virtually in half. My entire life is basically lived up and down the 14th Street Corridor of DC.
  • I met a beautiful man with a guitar who broke my heart but reminded me how much I loved music, men, and myself. Thank God.
  • I learned how to edit videos!
  • I argued and won a court case against a housemate. We got a restraining order against her and we successfully got her out of the house by November.
  • I finished the book CALLING IN THE ONE for the second time. This time, I did it with a friend. That experience was fabulous: I was so lonely and I was able to admit out loud, to myself and to others, that I was so damn lonely. And that opened up such a space for ease and acceptance. I came to love parts of myself that I hadn’t been willing to love before, and that allowed me to love other people on an entirely new level. I am enjoying the dating process so much more now.
  • I got a finance coach and learned how to make a budget. My budget is called the Breaker of Chains.
  • I have been learning more about vegetables and wine and consuming much more of both of these things.

I am happily back to being in love with my life, all its knotty little whorls, complications, beauties and miracles.

I learned that I really could accomplish great things if I didn’t constantly worry and fear that I wouldn’t.

I found the strength and courage to put myself at risk again.

I learned to love the parts of myself that I really haven’t been willing to love: the petty, the hurt, the angry, the lazy, irresponsible, vengeful parts.

I started to trust myself and the universe more: that things in my life really could be easy and that my life contains exactly what I need at any given time.

I learned to conduct myself as a sexy-as-hell, attractive woman that people actually want to spend time with and get to know!

I learned that I am not a failure and that I have simply failed in my actions.

Like climbing a mountain, on which at every step of the journey, the view of the mountain looks a little different, I’m starting to see what I’ve been afraid of dealing with: what it looks like to be demanded of to “perform.” That if someone asked me to take an action, I actually fulfill on it. That if I tell people that I will make millions, be cause in the matter of universal healthcare in the United States, I actually fulfill on those things.

To ongoingly show up as the powerful being that I am in the eyes and ears of the people around me, and not just when no one is watching.

In 2018, this person is unleashed on the planet.

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