Cat Loves… 2018 (A Look Forward)

I am turning 30 this year so I plan to absolutely kill this year.

I am a world famous, happy, healthy, RICH, prolific, thought-provoking, confident and sexy-as-hell traveling artist! And soon, an awesome someone’s awesome wife.

Standing in a future fulfilled, by the end of 2018…

  1. I backpacked through Europe. (I’ve been saying this since I backpacked through Southeast Asia. I thought I’d have figured out how to get someone to pay me to do it by now, but I haven’t. So I’m going to figure out how to do that. Starting now.)
  2. I produced at least one play. TITUS ANDRONICUS.
  3. I finally (finally!) busked through Washington, DC and my Europe trip.
  4. I finished the Studio Theatre acting conservatory curriculum. (Greek Tragedy and Comedy left!)
  5. I am in the Directing class at Studio Theatre by the end of the year.
  6. I completed portions of my Youtube series: likely, Southeast Asia and East Asia. I end the year either having completed or completing China.
  7. I got professional photos taken of me.
  8. I did something about universal healthcare in the United States.
  9. I learned how to read and write Japanese.
  10. I learned some French and German for my Europe travels.
  11. I made way more money this year. I eliminated my credit card debt!
  12. I continued to grow my relationships with my family.
  13. I deepened my relationships with the people in my life and started new ones. I met artists and collaborated with them, I met political people and collaborated with them, on and on~
  14. More film projects! More paintings! More songs! More dancing!

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