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My name is Cat and I am in love.

Not with any one particular person. This blog is my practice in the action known as love. Love is the acceptance of people, things, and life exactly for what it is and what it isn’t. As a human being, I fail at this quite often– but I always get back up to try again. Life being the roller coaster that it is, some days are harder than others.

I love my family and friends.

I love travel: meeting people from different walks of life, trying out languages, seeing natural and unnatural beauty, and eating delicious food. I love postcards and I send a few from nearly every location I go to (you can sign up here, though I make no promises you will receive one).

I love singing because music has the ability to light up any moment instantly. I love improv because it is life at play (as all life should be!)

I love me.

This blog is for all my friends and family from around the world.

It’s my way of saying that I am not dead. It’s a promise to live the biggest, fullest life possible.

Photo credit: Queen of Your Own Life facebook page

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