Cat Loves… acting

I haven’t said this here before, but I’ve been taking acting classes for more than a year at Studio Theatre. The last time I really wrote at length about my acting ambitions was when I did the twisted fairytale in Ulsan.┬áThat had been so much fun, it was a natural progression to dig deeper, sign up for an acting class, and discover what this acting thing really was.

What I thought was acting, from the little bits I did in Korea, was more akin to finger painting and stick figures. Taking classes and learning all this technique has allowed me to refine my work to be more realistic, a sharper aping of real life.

 photo the-starry-night-18891.jpgLarge_zpsdoxiedfi.jpg

(I attempt to take my acting from the metaphorical equivalent of nonsensical toddler gashes to the masterful strokes of Vincent Van Gogh.)

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The Cmplt Wrks of the Brthers Grm (Abridged)

 photo play 2_zpswhitydlt.jpg
Perhaps the biggest surprise of South Korea is that I have somehow become an actress, if a scene from Titus Andronicus and a twisted Brothers Grimm retelling constitute a resume. It’s been a blast and I hope this is just the beginning. Here’s to more acting opportunities back in the United States!

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Shakespeare in Busan (and Yang Rou)

(Photo credit: Suvasha)

I’ve been itching to do some improv since taking a class back in Seattle. Sadly, improv isn’t very widespread in Korea. It was hard even to find foreigners who would be down to do some. I did, however, find the closest thing I could and joined up with a local theater group. Recently, we participated in the Busan International Shakespeare Festival. Continue reading